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This Easy Shortcut Will Make You Last Longer During Sex!
There's Nothing Like Satisfaction

One of the questions most often asked by my readers is this: "how to gain more stamina in bed?" Let's face it. A lot of men will experience premature ejaculation occasionally. But, when you persistently climax too early every time you have sex, your lover will not get the kind of pleasure she desires from you. While premature ejaculation could certainly be embarrassing and lead to many distress in a relationship, there is plenty of expectation for men with this condition. This piece of writing will discuss a few proven ways to give your endurance a transformational lift!

But first... what really is premature ejaculation?
Simply put, it is an untimely ejaculation BEFORE the woman is ready. Even though common belief, there is no real time limit to have satisfying sex. If the man climaxes in 60 seconds and his woman is able to get an orgasm as well, in principle he has no problem with premature ejaculation. Then again, a man can be considered to be suffering from PE if he orgasms in 20 minutes, and his spouse has not.

Ways to gain more stamina in bed
There is a range of tips, tricks and methods to boost your endurance in bed. One of the most common methods that men apply is to think of something non-sexual when making out. For a number of men, thinking of baseball statistics can aid. For others, thinking of the old granny next door can be helpful too. The only thing with this approach is that it can diminish the intensity of lovemaking and have an effect on the overall enjoyment.

An easy shortcut that is utterly effective (for most men, anyway...)
A more practical and effective method to last longer during sex is to make use of a thicker protection. A thicker condom or a heavily-coated one can reduce on the sensations around the head of your penis. It provides you more arousal control and aids you endure the enjoyable sensations much longer. It is wonderful for practicing safe sex too, and a smart move to keep away from sexually transmitted diseases. Hence the next time you're faced with an intimate situation, roll on one of those condoms and enjoy better, longer-lasting sex!

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