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How to Make Love to a Woman

She'll Really Appreciate You

Being a good lover is an important aspect of your relationship life. Almost all men wonder about what it takes to become a real good lover. Some men even feel frustrated, thinking that they're doomed to become second-class lovers.

Well here's a bit of good news - sex proficiency is something that can be learned and improved.
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Making love to a woman is more than just about having the proper "equipment". It's also about stamina. You'll be surprised how exhausting lovemaking can be, and how much pleasure women can demand from you. If you're going down on her, odds are you'll be wearing out easily if your aim is to give her maximum pleasure. See, women are capable of reaching multiple orgasms, and men strive to give them these.

Here's a tip: if your tongue wears out, use your jaw muscles to move it. If those wear out too, use the muscles from your neck to move your mouth, then go back to your tongue muscles when those wear out. The important thing is that you shouldn't stop unless you give her the pleasure she deserves.

Having a sense of rhythm is important too. It doesn't matter where you get your rhythm - from dancing, music, or poetry - you just have to have it. Women judge our lovemaking skills when we're dancing, and for good reason.

She has to know that you're masterful at keeping a strong pace, and that you can go as slow or as fast as she needs you to. This is why it pays to take a dance class or two.

You have five different senses, and you shouldn't be afraid to use them. Talk dirty, make sexy noises, listen to the noises she makes. Make sure the room smells good, and make sure that you also smell good.

Sex is a very sensual experience. Sometimes you can enhance the other senses by eliminating the use of one.

A good example would be to blindfold your lover, not only for the surprise element, but also so that she can immerse herself more deeply in your scent, your touch, and the way you sound.

Communication is also important. You have to know your lover's sexual fantasies, as well as her preferences when it comes to having sex. Knowing all these facts will help you know how to please her more. This doesn't mean that you have to be predictable - not everything has to be on her terms. If you can add a little twist to her fantasy, you're definitely going to give her a night to remember.

Here's the last, most important thing you should have if you want to perfect your skills as a lover: you have to know exactly what it is that you're doing. Nothing kills the mood like a split-second of fumbling. Women can easily sense if you don't know what you're doing. When you're down there and you can't seem to find her clitoris or her G-spot, that's the wrong time to hate yourself for not paying attention in Biology 101. You can't be a good lover just by wishing it - you have to do your homework.

Research on female sexuality. Make a mental map of where all the crucial spots are, from her erogenous zones to the details of her genitalia.

If you come in the bedroom knowing all the important information, you'll definitely have all the sexy confidence you'll need.

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